VCV has announced that you can now try new Mutable Instruments modules in its VCV Rack modular software before the source code is publicly available with the new Audible Instruments Preview plugin.

VCV Audible Instruments Plaits and Marbles

When Mutable Instruments releases a new Eurorack module, its source code is kept closed to limit the proliferation of opportunistic “DIY” clones at a time when there is a lot of demand for the module and to avoid exposing dealers to canceled pre-orders. After several months, a second production run is finished and the source code is released.

In a collaboration between VCV and Mutable Instruments, we allow you to try these new modules before their source code is publicly available with the Audible Instruments Preview plugin. We don’t intend to profit from this collaboration.

Audible Instruments Preview for VCV Rack 0.6.1 or higher is available for $20 USD. It currently includes Macro Oscillator 2 (port of Plaits) and Random Sampler (port of Marbles).

80% of sales are donated to the Direct Relief Humanitarian Medical Aid charity organization.

More information: VCV Rack