The free VCV Rack virtual Eurorack system has been updated to version 0.4.0.

VCV Rack 0.4.0

The update includes a new VCO in Fundamental, Lissajous mode in Scope, Rampage dual slope generator, output port cable stacking, plug lights, and more.

Changes in VCV Rack v0.4.0

  • Cables can now stack on output ports.
  • Added sub-menus for each plugin and scrollable menus.
  • Added MIDI CC-to-CV Interface, updated MIDI-to-CV Interface.
  • Added new scrolling methods: middle-click-and-drag, shift-scroll, and arrow keys.
  • Added engine pausing in sample rate menu.
  • Added resizable blank to Core.
  • Added plug lights for monitoring voltages of cables.
  • Support for AMD Phenom II processors.
  • Self-contained app bundle on Mac, plugins and settings go in ~/Documents/Rack/
  • Fundamental:
    • Added Lissajous mode to Scope.
    • Added two LFOs and VCO-2.
  • Befaco:
    • Added Rampage dual slope generator.
  • Audible Instruments:
    • Added Keyframer/Mixer, based on Frames.
    • Added nonlinear string and chord mode to Modal Synthesizer, based on Elements.

VCV Rack is a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux. The additional Audible Instruments, E-Series and Befaco modules are also free.

For more free modules, check out Sonus Modular, a collection of 7 modules for VCV Rack by Sonus Dept.

Sonus Dept Sonus Modular

The modules included are:

  • Bymidside: MS (mid-side) encoder.
  • Deathcrush: distorsion and bitcrusher.
  • Multimulti: a simple but handy double 2-in 8-out multiples.
  • Osculum: a VCO capable of harmonic but unusual sounds.
  • Piconoise: an ultra compact white noise generator with 8 outputs.
  • Scramblase: triple quadruple waveshaper.
  • Twoff: double CV static offset.

The source code is licensed under GPL, and binary releases for Windows and Linux are provided (OS X binaries coming soon). Requires VCV Rack v0.4.0.

More information: VCV Rack

VCV Rack 0.4.0 Befaco Rampage

VCV Rack 0.4.0 VCO 2