Vengeance Sound VPS Philta XL

Vengeance Sound has updated the Philta XL Vengeance Producer Suite series effect plug-in to version 1.2.0.

No, it’s not just another filter. This is big. This is XL! Philta XL offers high quality filters with up to 96 db cutoff – but to get really crazy, you will love to tweak the LFPs and envelope followers of this dude. Get ready!

Changes in Philta XL v1.2.0

  • Better CPU performance.
  • GUI Code reworked. Higher FPS rates are now possible.
  • Fixed: un-bypassing the plugin did create a “click” sound on some circumstances.
  • The editor does not steal the key-commands from host.
  • Fixed a bug in the ratereducer/bitcrusher.
  • Improved sync of the LFOs. Now they are all 100% in time and don’t lose sync any more.
  • Rework of the RingMod/FM LP-Link mechanism for better “adjustability”.
  • Added Syspage Option: “Filter Inertia” for the 48/96 Slopes to allow faster movements. This allows the filter to close/open nearly instantly (attention “clicks/pops” may occur on very big movements).
  • Added new feature FreqMod (FM).
  • Added Square LFO shape.
  • Added 43 new factory presets which use all new features created by Manuel Schleis.

The plug-in for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for 49 EUR / £40 GBP / $65 USD.

More information: Vengeance Sound