Verellen Amplifiers has introduced an affordable, portable solution for musicians seeking the expansive tube tones of their Meatsmoke and Skyhammer amplifiers.

Verellen Preamp Pedals deliver tube-driven reproductions of the acclaimed preamp circuitry featured in their flagship, full-size amps.

Verellen Meatsmoke Preamp Pedal

“We realized there was a growing group of people who were really interested in owning one of our amplifiers, but it was beyond their budget,” says Ben Verellen, founder and amp designer. “We recently had a customer request a tube preamp in the form of a pedal, so we gave it a shot-and the results were astounding! We were amazed at how much of the sonic characteristics of our amps could be crammed into a pedal format. We realized we could offer a production version of a preamplifier pedal with the same quality components and care that goes into our custom amps”

The VERELLEN PREAMP PEDALS ship complete with Gain control, 3-band EQ, and Master Volume controls. High and Low output modes allow for instrument-level use with a standard guitar or bass amplifier, or run directly into a power amplifier.

Verellen Skyhammer Preamp Pedal

The dedicated record output includes a speaker simulating filter with two levels of intensity. This allows for running the PREAMP PEDALS directly into a mixing board, tape machine, or DAW, without the need for heavy power amps or speaker cabinets.

“There are plenty of tube stomp boxes out there,” Verellen says. “The goal here was to create the entire preamp sections of the MEATSMOKE and SKYHAMMER amps in tidy, foot-switchable packages. We took a very brute force approach to the design, cutting no corners.”

Built for abuse and rigorous touring, each PREAMP PEDAL is constructed of the highest-quality components housed in a sturdy black steel enclosure, set between two side-panels of finished birch.

The Meatsmoke and Skyhammer Preamp Pedals are available now, at a retail price of $699 USD each. Rack-mountable versions will follow shortly for the same price. During the first month of availability, customers can purchase the pedals via a Kickstarter campaign for a discounted price of $499 USD each.

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