Zenhiser has released Vibrations & Mushrooms, a sample pack featuring 7GB of Psytrance sounds and sequences.

Zenhiser Vibrations & Mushrooms

‘Vibrations & Mushrooms’ holds the key to a higher state of consciousness. A tripped out concoction of dynamic sounds and sequences expertly crafted to inject the stunning sound of Psytrance into your tracks at a premium level. Forged using some the biggest hardware to date, this subversive collection pays homage to the sound that reverberates through Israel, Thailand, India, Australia, Japan & Europe.

Designed and produced by one of Psytrance’s leading producers, this epic sample library showcases decades of production wealth which have transcended the Psy sound into a worldwide phenomenon. Over 7GB of musical content has been divided into song starters, full mix loops, individual loops, drum one shots, fx, midi and synth one shots. This deluge of programming options will become you go to surplus of Psytrance sounds for many moons to come. Inspired by the provocative sounds of Astrix, Volcano, Sonic Species & Vini Vici, ‘Vibrations & Mushrooms’ will re-ignite your programming skills to endless amounts of potential.

If you’d like to add some retro ’80s nostalgia to your sound there’s the 80’s Crush pack.

Zenhiser 80s Crush

Time warp back to the 80’s with this classic collection of sonically rich samples, loops, one shots and midi. Featuring a wide variety of retro inspired melodies ’80’s Crush’ diversifies itself between the college sophomore days of 80’s California students with the neon feel of Miami’s nightlife.

Imagine an innocent world where times were simpler, John Hughes style movie soundtracks merged with summer boom box parties. Fluro reigned supreme, hairstyles were your status symbol and innocent kisses were your biggest concern. ’80’s Crush’ captures this era perfectly with 520 signature sounds of the decade. Focusing heavily on the emotions of the time, this 80s sound pack fuses emotive soundtrack melodies with warm expansive loops giving the end user a full depository of memorable tools that will tug on the heart strings. This spacious collection from Zenhiser focuses heavily on drum beats, the foundations of any track, 225 eighties beats ensures concrete footings to your next track. 25 Full mix loops with individual parts is your go to stockpile of contrasting emotive melodies, 5 song starters delivers premium level productions at your fingertips, a carefully selected one shot hoard will turn your sampler into an 80’s nest egg and accompanying midi for anything noted will bring serious programming heat to any new ideas you may have.

Bass House Revolution offers a collection of bone rattling beats and frenzied basslines.

Zenhiser Bass House Revolution

Pushing the boundaries of production tools, this immense, pounding collection of Bass House samples, loops, stems and midi will blow your mind. A Bass House producers dream, ‘Bass House Revolution’ is filled to the brim with heavy hitting beats, hammering basslines, thumping synths, fresh riffs, all mastered with insane levels of wallop.

Spread over eighteen folders you’ll find acute drum sounds, throbbing bass hits, rich synth loops, immense basslines, pulsating beats, layered melodies, extensive fx and an measureless amount of audio stems. 5.5GB of content including midi for song starters, basslines and synths safeguards your purchase by laying the foundations for your music creativity whether it be now or 6 months down the road. Taking influence from artists including Joyryde, Ephwurd, Jauz & Matroda, ‘Bass House Revolution’ is a frantic assault on your senses, primary instincts will kick in once this immeasurable power is behind you. This truly is now the most frenzied sample packs released at Zenhiser.

Users of the Omnisphere 2 instrument can now enjoy Omnisphere Psytrance Presets 2, another hypnotising collection of presets designed exclusively for Spectrasonics’ flagship synth.

Zenhiser Omnisphere Psy Presets 2

This stunning stockpile of forward thinking sounds have been expertly crafted to inject new life into your favourite synth and the Psytrance genre. Trust us, 160 presets and 136 audio stems will be at the forefront of your studio’s tools for months to come.

Fusing Progressive with Full On Psytrance this breathtaking collection of presets includes evolving pads, spiritual fx, pounding bass, mesmeric arps, power leads and mystical sequences. No stone has been left unturned within “Omnisphere Psytrance Presets 2”, everything has been included to tear clubs apart with your next Psytrance masterpiece. Following the trends of Ace Ventura, Audiotec, Atacama & Egorythmia you’l be left speechless by the electrifying precision of each and every sound. Comprising of the seven key elements any preset collection should include, you’ll find an exemplary assortment of FX, Sequences, Plucks, Stabs, Leads, Arps & Bass. Each preset has been designed from scratch ensuring a brand new creation of Psytrance sounds with boundless programming potential offered by one of the strongest synths in the musical field. We’re opening the floodgates with a new level of vaporising presets.

The sound packs are available for purchase for £34.95 GBP each.

More information: Zenhiser