Vir2 Instruments Electri6ity

Vir2 Instruments has announced Electri6ity, an epic electric guitar virtual instrument containing the most advanced, detailed, and versatile collection of electric guitars ever made in a virtual instrument.

Electri6ity contains eight of the most famous and distinguished guitar tones from the history of the instrument: the Strat, Tele, P90, Les Paul, Rickenbacker, Danelectro Lipstick, ES335, and L4. More than 24,000 24-bit samples were taken of each guitar. Three pickup options (front, rear, and mixed) are available on every guitar. An impressive amount of samples allow you to play every articulation on every fret of every string for an absolutely authentic guitar sound. Downstrokes, upstrokes, seamless velocity layers, ghost notes, mutes, flageoletts, hammer-ons, pulloffs, slides, releases, and FX…the sky is the limit with Electri6ity.

Electri6ity features

  • Electri6ity includes eight guitars: Strat, Tele, P90, Les Paul, Rickenbacker, Danelectro Lipstick, ES335, L4.
  • Three pickup positions: Front, Rear, Front + Rear Blend.
  • Recorded variations per sample: Downstroke/upstroke, Picked/strummed, Seamless velocity layers.
  • Playing modes: Polyphonic, Monophonic, Legato (Sustain/Muted), All modes can be combined with a Slide Mode for real-time slides from each fret to each other fret.
  • Articulation list: Sustain Neck <> Bridge, Sustain <> 5th / Octave Pinch Harmonics, Dead Notes <> Muted <> Half-Muted, Ghost Notes Clean, Ghost Notes Dirty, Chucka-Chuckas, Flageoletts, Hammer On (played after sustain note) / Hammer On (tapped), Pull Off (played after sustain note) / Pull Off (tapped), One and two frets Slides Up / Down, Slides (Slide in and from each fret to each other fret), FX Samples (Screams, Scratches, Whammy-FX, etc.)
  • Release types: Finger Noise, Finger Noise Short, Mixed I, Mixed II, Hand Mute (fret can be selected), Palm Mute, Slide Down Short, Slide Down Medium, Slide Down Long, Slide Down (1 fret, short), Slide Up (1 fret, short), Slide Noise Down, Slide Noise Up, Pick Noise.

Integrated engines:

  • A.M.T (Articulation Morphing Technology) & V.M.T (Velocity Morphing Technology) allows you to seamlessly morph from soft to loud notes, from dead muted to sustain, and even from sustain to fifth or octave pinch harmonics! The morphing is phase-aligned without any phasing artifacts.
  • Advanced string and fretboard positioning – the AI chooses the best fitting strings and fretboard position for you. It takes speed, timing, notes and polyphony into account. Manual overwrite is possible whenever you need it (by manually choosing a string or a position on the fretboard).
  • Advanced guitar noise engine – adds pick, finger and slide noises according to your playing.
  • Advanced legato engine – fluid legato lines in real time.
  • Advanced vibrato engine.
  • Advanced humanization – nothing is random, everything is artificial intelligence.
  • Advanced guitar chord detection – almost 2000 chords are detected and transferred into guitar chords in real time. Most guitar chords are available in up to three different voicings..
  • Inversions and chords with additional root key are detected.
  • Easy Double-Tracking – without increasing the memory footprint.
  • Auto Unison-Bends.
  • Dynamic sympathetic resonance simulation.
  • Performance keys for strumming and picking – powerful yet easy to use.
  • Performance keys for trills, tremolo picking, one and two fret slides (it’s possible to slide whole chords as well).
  • Full control over the engine, tweak and control the playback with more than 100 parameters!

Electri6ity is available to pre-order for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/Standalone) for $399.95 USD. It will be shipping in Spring 2010.

More information: Vir2 Instruments / Electri6ity