Vir2 Instruments World Impact: Global Percussion

Vir2 Instruments has announced World Impact: Global Percussion, a world percussion library powered by Kontakt Player 3.

Get ready for a perfect storm of ethnic, world, and cinematic percussion. Featuring a massive collection of varied percussion samples, World Impact spans the globe featuring percussion instruments from large to small, west to east, north to south, and traditional to rare. Sampled in meticulous detail and programmed for maximum and instant musical usability, the collection includes hundreds of varied percussion instruments from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and more.

A massive 4.2-gigabyte collection of Japanese Taiko drums recorded from multiple microphone positions forms a central part of the library. Each instrument has been recorded with numerous alternate takes and velocity layers, assuring realistic and dramatically expressive sonic results. World Impact is an essential tool in the toolbox of every film composer, trailer producer, and aficionado of world percussion instruments.

World Impact: Global Percussion features

  • More than 300 patches of world percussion instruments categorized by Geographical Region and instrument type.
  • 13GB of 24-bit samples.
  • EZRoom control in all patches, allowing the ability to instantly place the percussion in any one of over 50 different sonic spaces.
  • Integrated Humanize engine, offering quick control over pitch, tuning, and volume randomizations.
  • Custom articulation and pattern engine built-in, allowing instant triggers of chokes, flams, 3-stroke rolls, full rolls, and rhythmic patterns, all of which are automatically synced to host tempo.
  • Onscreen EQ controls allowing independent control of three bands (frequency, gain, and bandwidth).
  • Velocity curve settings that allow easy adjustment for normal, louder, and softer playing.
  • Multitimbral operation, supporting up to 64 simultaneous instruments loaded (subject to RAM availability), receiving up to 64 MIDI channels (16 in plug-in mode).
  • Kontakt Player 3 engine, supporting standalone operation as well as plug-in operation in all major hosts that support AudioUnit, VST, RTAS (Pro Tools 7 & 8) plug-ins.
  • Special upgrade pricing to the full version of Kontakt 3, which allows for fuller editing of the instruments.

World Impact: Global Percussion will be shipping on October 15, 2009. A pre-order is available now for $399.95 USD.

More information: Vir2 Instruments / World Impact: Global Percussion