VirSyn has announced a new app that is designed to bring workstation/desktop quality sample libraries to iOS: XinematiX.

XinematiX delivers over 25 GB of premium sounds that are the result of over 3 years of recording and programming work by legendary sample sound producer KARO Sound Development, brought to you by music app guru Harry Gohs. Unlimited creative possibilities and ease of use – that’s what XinematiX is all about.

Multi power – Up to 3 different programs can be stacked simultaneously in a multi and either be crossfaded or layered for dramatic sound sculpting with the intuitive color-coded on-screen fader. Live Mode – organize your multis and programs for quick access in a dedicated Live Mode with 128 scenes and 16 tiles per screen.

XinematiX for iPad (iPhone version coming) is available now for free in the App Store with 4 sounds to try the app. 62 additional sound libraries with a total of 990 sounds are available as an in-app purchase.

More information: VirSyn