VirSyn has announced its Summer Special 2010, a limited time offer on its effect plug-ins.

From now till August 31st, 2010 you can get any of our effect plugins for only Euro 119.-

If you buy three or more effect plugins before August 31st, 2010 you´ll get one additional effect plugin for free !

VirSyn iVoxel

VirSyn has also announced iVoxel, a “singing vocoder” App for iPhone/iPod and iPad.

iVoxel is not only an amazingly sounding vocoder for iPhone/iPod and iPad – the unique concept of iVoxel turns this vocoder into a singing machine.

iVoxel is a combination of a voice optimized synthesizer and a vocoder. The vocoder part is based on the Matrix vocoder from VirSyn used by many famous artists – one of them the well known german group Kraftwerk.

The channel filters used by iVoxel are based on the Sennheiser Vocoder VSM201 resulting in a rich and fat analogue sound characteristic.

iVoxel features

  • Realtime analysis/resynthesis of your voice.
  • 20 Channel vocoder.
  • Voice spectrum recorder (voxels).
  • Over 200 prerecorded voxels included.
  • Play your vocoded voice live on keyboard. Drag for slides and vibrato..
  • Sequencer for notes & lyrics.
  • Voice optimized monophonic synthesizer.
  • Time warping of voxels.
  • Gender changer.
  • Breath noise.
  • 12dB Lowpass filter.
  • Pitch vibrato with delay.
  • Chorus/Delay effects.
  • Export/Import of projects and voxels.
  • Export of audio recordings.

VirSyn iVoxel is coming soon to the iTunes AppStore.

More information: VirSyn / iVoxel