VirSyn has announced the release of an iPhone version of its modular analog/digital polysynth app.

Previously available for iPad, Tera Pro brings together all major sound synthesis methods in a single synthesizer.

No matter if you want to recreate sounds from analogue legends or explore modern digital sounds with FM, Wave shaping or Wavetable synthesis. Add some flavour of physical modelling and modules for additive synthesis. Combine them altogether for new sound experiences far beyond your wildest dreams.

If this is not enough you can add classic Wavetable synthesis and the BrainZ module – an adaption of the famous Plaits Eurorack module from Mutable Instruments, but fully polyphonic and now also on iPhone!

Version 1.8.0 of Tera Pro also improves GUI performance and ease of use of the AUv3 plugin, and an optional keyboard is now included with the AUv3 version.

Tera Pro costs $7.99 USD, with the Wavetable and BrainZ modules available as in-app purchases for $9.99 USD each.

More information: VirSyn