VirSyn VTAPE v1.1

VirSyn has released version 1.1 of VTAPE, the analog tape suite for Windows and Mac.

To make our set of tape plugins more complete we have added a Tape Flanger plugin simulating the playback of two tape machines running at slightly different speed.

Changes in v1.1

  • New Plugin “Flanger”
    • Manual tape flanging simulation.
    • Authentic “through zero” Flanging.
    • Unique stereo flanging mode.
  • RTAS/AudioUnit Mono versions of Saturator.
  • Mac/Digital Performer: Settings lost on render to file. Fixed.
  • Latency compensation now working.
  • “Kill” Parameter now automatable.
  • Sync button state was not saved. Fixed.
  • Save button – Enter key no longer required.
  • AudioUnit, GUI problem with more than 16 instances. Fixed.
  • RTAS, Automation with SATURATOR working now.

Visit VirSyn for more information, audio demos and a link to download a demo version of VTAPE.

Note: Remember you’ll need a Syncrosoft dongle to run the demo.