Virtuasonic has announced Sinori Percussion, a series of sample libraries based on the Sinori, a brand new musical instrument.

Sinori is a one of a kind percussion derived from a sheet of steel, capable of producing a wide range of interesting sounds thanks to its unorthodox design and shape that allows unique playing techniques, as well as the most traditional ones.

Throughout the 2010, Virtuasonic has painstakingly recorded two Sinori models in collaboration with its creator: a standard version and a special prototype. All the sounds taken during the recording sessions will end-up in two sample libraries that feature a wide range of playing techniques: drumsticks, mallets, hands, string bow, superball mallets, chains and body-playing, a special technique unique to this instrument.

Virtuasonic will announce prices and technical features when the products are ready to be released. In the meantime, if you want more information about the Sinori Percussion, please visit their website at

Virtuasonic has also announced that the the “All Sample Libraries” Group Buy which has already reached the Maximum Discount (50% off the list price), has been extended to March 15th.

The bundles available in this offer feature the following products: Epic FX, Synaesthesis Impulse Responses, Noise at the Concert, Choir Breath, Tingsha.

Visit Virtuasonic for more information.