Audio Plugin Deals has launched a promotion on the Virtuosic Violin by Auddict, a living, breathing solo violin virtual instrument for Kontakt.

Weighing in at a massive 60 GB, The virtuosic violin by Auddict is a content-rich instrument, with many different articulations, legato modes, and other features, and much like a real violin, takes special care to ensure you get the most out of the instrument.

Everything in this instrument has been skillfully programmed to ensure everything is easily and readily accessible, to minimize any “learning time”, and let you get on to writing music with virtuosic violin as soon as possible.

Slurred and bowed legato were specially sampled so you can correctly and realistically phrase passages. You also get a specially sampled “fast legato” set of intervals, which will allow you to play virtuosic runs and scale passages.

The instrument library is on sale for $47.99 USD until June 9th, 2021 (regular $120 USD). A purchase includes $23.99 USD in Rewards for use in the APD Store.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals