Voltage Disciple has announced Deep Tech Haus, a soundset for the Blade software synthesizer by Rob Papen.

This sound set contains 96 high quality deep house and tech house sounds.Many of the sounds are built on complex and emotive chords that you can play with one note which allow the user to concentrate on the rhythm rather than chord structure making it easier to bring your deep and tech house productions to life.

Also included are several deep bass sounds and arpeggio’s to compliment the chordal sounds. With careful Fx programming to compliment the sounds including tape delays and New York Style compression you will get quick and professional sounding deep tracks in no time with a unique sound only BLADE can provide.

There is no doubt that quite often the best deep and tech house tracks are the ones with simplistic structure and great groove but there simplicity hides the complexity of the chords used. This pack will help you overcome these restrictions by providing that complexity of chordal structure which is the essence of the deep/tech house sound.

The soundset is available to purchase for $15 AUD.

More information: Voltage Disciple