Voxengo has announced an update to the TEOTE audio plugin, an automatic spectral balancer based on multi-band dynamics processing.

TEOTE automatically performs such tasks like gentle resonances taming, de-essing, tilt equalizing, usually performed during mixing and mastering. Version 1.2 comes with an additional spectral profile setting.

The new “Flat/Eq.Loud/EQL+Rock” switch selects an additional profile setting, which may be useful during mastering. The “Eq.Loud” setting applies a 2-2.5dB, 0.8-1 octave wide, boosts to 60, 1.57k and 9.1kHz spectrum areas. The “EQL+Rock” additionally applies a boost to 3.4kHz spectral area, which is often used in rock and metal music. When using these settings, a post-equalizer after TEOTE usually becomes unnecessary.

These settings are best used for “Slope” values below -4.2dB/oct; for higher “Slope” values they may be excessive. Note that these profile settings may make the sound a bit “thin”, so they are not universally-applicable. Also note that for these settings to be precise, at least 30 bands processing is required.

Changes in TEOTE v1.2

  • Fixed a possible crash when pasting a product key.
  • Added additional spectral profile settings.
  • Added “Mid-Side Linked” routing preset.

TEOTE supports VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac.

The plugin is currently on sale at Voxengo for $67.95 USD and from Plugin Boutique for $55.96 USD.