VSTplug has announced version 1.2 of the William De-esser, a de-esser audio effect plugin for Windows.

Version 1.2 adds some visual optimizations and includes an additional feature which allows a second level of compression to smooth over any damage done by filtering labelled threshold 2.

A windows 32-bit and 64-bit VST2 plugin, the william de-esser is a zero latency compression tool that is not for only de-essing vocals but also for the entire track.

William De-esser features

  • 4 filter types:
    • BP1: A smooth sounding RBJ bandpass filter.
    • BP2: A ZDF bandpass filter with a mild grit.
    • HP1: A TDF2 style filter type with smoothness and character.
    • HP2: A generic C+ filter which due to its subtractive quality adds a raspiness.
  • Intuitive dBFS and LU loudness metering.
  • Optimized CPU usage by Le Attol (Robert Ellis Langford).

The plugin is available for $5 USD.

More information: VSTplug