vvvv group vvvv 4.0 beta 21

vvvv group has released v4.0 beta 21 of vvvv, a toolkit for real time video synthesis.

vvvv it is suitable for many tasks involving common computer related media like audio, video, 3d animation, the internet,.. to name only the hottest. Besides creating and transforming content for the aforementioned media, vvvv is also well trained in receiving input from and generating output to various external devices.

New in vvvv v4.0 beta 21

  • Pixel precise 2d rendering within 3d scenes.
  • Text and sprite rendering
  • Billboards and onesided objects.
  • A more versatile Multiscreen technique.
  • Spreadable ex9 primitives.
  • More performant caching with known switches and S+H nodes.
  • Faster patches in hidden tabs.
  • GUI enhancements for module writers (middleclick an iobox).
  • HID nodes for driver developmentv
  • More possibilities for plugin developers (mesh and layer outputs, enums in and out).
  • Lots more, detailed info in the changelog.

vvvv is available for download for Windows PC, free for non-commercial use. Commercial licenses are available here.

Visit vvvv group for more information.