W.A. Production has launched an Epic Summer Bundle, a limited time value offering with 96% off on a collection of 10 audio plugins.

The bundle provides tools for compression, saturation, transient design, delay, flanger, phaser, chorus and more.

We’ve dropped the price of some of our most popular plugins and bundled them up into one comprehensive package. Make your studio burn brightly with this discounted collection of modern production tools that every musician needs in their arsenal. These are the game-changing plugins that will help to launch your summer blockbuster tracks, all without breaking the bank: the Epic Summer Bundle.

Creative effects include spectral shifting powerhouse Venom, multi-effect module Spherequad, crazy talk-box effects from Screamer, saturation & shaping with Punchy Worm and Imprint. Kick your stock plugins up a gear with dedicated vocal chain processor Vocal Compressor, auto-ducking Mutant Delay and dedicated tube and tape distortion from Helper Saturator. We’ve got you covered for mastering too with dynamically enhanced multi-band compression from The King 2 and punch powerhouse Pumper 3.

The Epic Summer Bundle is available at W.A. Production and Plugin Boutique, priced only $19.90 USD until July 22nd, 2021.