Plugin Boutique has launched the limited time W.A. Production Valentine’s Bundle, offering a collection of three popular effect plugins at a huge 92% discount.

WA Production Valentine's Week Flash Sale

To ensure that you won’t be lonely this Valentines Day. We have an offer we know you’ll fall in the love with. The Valentines Day Flash Sale from W. A. Production. With this bundle, you can play cupid and shoot an arrow right into the heart of your mix and allowing you to smooth the edges and increase the punch of each and every beat.

Pushing the limits and boundaries of what you can achieve when creating music is a challenge all producers face. Here at W. A. Production, we cater to those producers who demand more control, more options and never settle when it comes to quality sound. With that in mind, we included our most eligible and compatible plugins that are sure to be a perfect Valentines Day match, suitable for all of your desires for absolute tonal control.

The bundle includes:

  • Pumper 2, a compressor, stereo imager, and saturator that packs the same integrity of the original Pumper while offering even more control and functionality.
  • SphereQuad, a step sequencing, multi-effect tool that promotes rhythmic movement and impressive transformations of any instrument.
  • Helper Transients, a beyond ordinary transient shaper plug-in that can sharpen or soften without over-compressing the audio signal.

The Valentine’s Bundle is only $9.90 USD until February 25th, 2019. The individual plugins included in the bundle are also on sale separately for $4.90 USD each.

More information: W.A. Production