Wallander Instruments WIVI

Wallander Instruments has released version 2.10 of WIVI, a virtual instrument for Windows and Mac.

Changes in WIVI v2.10

  • A high-quality parametric EQ for all layers, replacing the older features bass boost and high/low cut.
  • The quality of the “dry” sound in WIVI has also been dramatically improved, with a new sparse-reflections system. This is used to boost realism of both the direct sound and early reflections.
  • WIVI’s late reverb has also been replaced with a brand new high-density reverb engine, capable of rivaling some of the best reverbs on the market.
  • The new spaciousness parameter controls the room character of the reverb. Higher settings produce a feeling of being surrounded by the sound, and low settings produce a more distinct stereo placement. The feature is used to control the stereo width of instruments, without affecting panning.
  • The preset environment library has been reworked to take full advantage of the new reverb engine. All preset environments have been re-designed from scratch, modelled from some of the world’s most popular soundtrack and classical recordings. This includes two new theatre presets with soundstage acoustics.
  • The instruments have been updated with some minor changes to take advantage of the new reverb system. Timing randomization, which by design adds instrument latency, is now off by default. Detuning of instruments has been slightly reworked, as has the vibrato.
  • Some minor bugfixes, improved host compatibility on Mac such as Novation’s Automap.

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