Wave Alchemy Bass Pedals

Wave Alchemy has announced Bass Pedals Light, a slimmed down version of the Kontakt instrument, and an Ableton Live Pack version of the sound library featuring the sounds of the Moog Taurus.

Inspired by the sought-after Moog Taurus Mk1 bass synthesizer, Bass Pedals combines powerful analogue source sounds with modern sound shaping capabilities to create a versatile and fully programmable bass synthesizer!

Bass Pedals Light offers the same functionality, extensive GUI controls and core content as the standard version, minus the 3 X round robin sample variations – which in turn reduces the library size from 4.5GB to just 1.9GB.

The Ableton Live Pack version does not have the graphical interface as seen in the Kontakt version, macro controls only. The Live version contains 1400+ raw Moog Taurus multi-samples (2GB) which are mapped to create 39 Sampler/Simpler presets and instrument racks with assigned macros for easy editing.

Bass Pedals Light for Kontakt costs £22.95 GBP, the Live Pack is £19.95 GBP.

More information: Wave Alchemy / Bass Pedals