Waves Audio has announced that all of its plugins and new AI mixing tools are now available with a new subscription model. Waves Creative Access will be the only way to get Waves plugins.

Since we started Waves, our goal has been to give all music and audio creators full, affordable access to the largest, most diverse set of top-quality audio tools. Today, we take the next step. Whatever you are inspired to create, we want you to have everything you need—instantly at your fingertips, always.

To make this a reality, today we launch a full-scale Waves plugin subscription, Waves Creative Access, which is now the exclusive way to get Waves plugins. All Waves plugins, always up to date, with new releases as well as updates added at no extra cost—all available to you in a simple subscription—the easiest, most affordable way to get Waves plugins, ever.

With the launch of Waves Creative Access, Waves has also released StudioVerse, a groundbreaking AI-powered system that will help you unlock the full power of all Waves plugins and bring to your DAW the power of an entire musical community.

Unlock the full power of your plugins: StudioVerse is a groundbreaking AI-powered community for mixing chains, which gives you access to thousands of plugin chains (and growing)—for every genre, instrument, or type of track—all delivered inside your DAW by a smart AI search engine

All 220+ Waves plugins are available in “Waves Ultimate” at $24.99 USD/month or $249/USD year, while “Waves Essential” includes 110 plugins including Waves Tune RT, Clarity Vx, Vocal Bender and more at $14.99 USD/month or $149/USD year.

The subscriptions include:

  • All plugin updates include at no extra cost.
  • New plugins added regularly at no extra cost.
  • StudioVerse AI-powered community for plugin chains: Thousands of mixing chains with AI search.
  • Limited time bonus: 2 free months of Splice Sounds+ included.

Waves users can continue to use their non-subscription plugin/bundle licenses and software, on all systems and host applications that are compatible with the versions they own.

More information: Waves Audio