Waves Audio is offering ModeAudio users a free copy of the OneKnob Phatter effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

The easy-to-use bass enhancement plugin lets you add low-end, weight and body to instruments, drums, and vocals alike.

Waves are one of the world’s foremost plugin developers, coveted by pros and amateurs alike having established themselves over decades as one of the pioneering forces of the digital emulation of classic studio hardware.

Many of their plugins are virtually essential to the modern studio setup, becoming bone fide legends of the plugin world (we’re looking at you, SSL G-Master Buss Compressor).

Today, I could not be more excited to announce that we at ModeAudio have teamed up with this celebrated institution to bring you one of their plugins for free – OneKnob Phatter!

You can get the OneKnob Phatter for free at Waves Audio until October 11th, 2020 (MSRP $49 USD).

ModeAudio has also published walkthrough tutorial as part of its collaboration with Waves. You can read it on the Magazine section of ModeAudio‘s website.