WeatherM has launched Dreamer 2, a soundset for the Zebra synthesizer instrument by u-he.

Huge, detailed, epic, deep and ethereal sounds…
All sounds that can’t be easily defined or described…
From now on, they shall be defined as Dreamer.

Dreamer was first released in January 2015 with 50 dreamy atmosphere sounds. And 7 months later, Dreamer 2 has announced!
Sounds of Dreamer were received good response, but it was contained small number of sounds.

Dreamer 2 is basically same with Dreamer, and it’s excellent collection for who wants more atmospheric pad sounds like Dreamer. And of course for creating ambient, cinematic tracks too.

Dreamer 2 features

  • 50 Pads, atmospheres, drones, soundscapes.
  • Nearly all sounds have 4 XY pads assigned.
  • Especially useful for changing dynamics of the attack and delay.

The soundset is available for purchase for $12 USD. A bundle of Dreamer and Dreamer 2 is $20 USD. Requires Zebra 2.5.2 or higher.

More information: WeatherM