Westgate has released Absynth Cryptotronix, a soundset for Native Instruments Absynth.

Absynth Cryptotronix is composed of the 25 sounds of Cryptotronix and 25 additional sounds of Cryptotronix 2, provided by dBu – DangerousBear.com.

The presets were made by Daniel Kemp of Westgate and are meant to be mysterious, atmospheric, moody and very easy to fit into your music.


  • 50 sounds, 350 .wav files, packaged in .zip format for easy cross-platform compatability (Each sound is composed of 7 samples, C0 to C7, that can be loaded as .wav in Absynth)
  • 44 presets in a Version 3 .glo file and 44 presets converted from the .glo as Version 4 .ksd files

Absynth Cryptotronix is available as a download for $20

Visit Westgate for more information and audio demos.