DASH Signature Twin Dash Player

DASH Signature has released Twin Dash Player (TDP), a sample player for the DASHsnd format (currently available as Windows VSTi only).

Featuring a very low CPU overhead, high sound quality, and an intuitive interface, TDP can play back any sound in the DASHsnd format. From the industry standard vintage sample library of EVE 2, to the HQS series in the Dash Sound Library, there is a huge selection of sounds available.

TDP is included at *no extra charge* with any Dash Sound Library purchase. “TDP FREE” is a reduced version and totally free for anyone to download.

Feature highlights

  • Two layer (two osc) sample based synth (One layer in TDP FREE)
  • Sample start offset adjustable per layer
  • Mellotronier polyphonic effect per layer
  • Key split (not available TDP FREE)
  • Compatible with all DASHsnd files (WusikSND files can easily be converted with our conversion tool)

The Mellotronier adds grit and tape-like distortions and modulations to the sound, and can be assigned to each layer individually. When the Mellotronier is on, the activated layer bypasses the ADSR envelope. This is also part of the Mellotronier ‘effect’, and at the same time creates more sound design possibilities in TDP. For instance, using Mellotronier on one layer, you can have a tape saturated organ sound, but still use the ADSR on the second layer for a string ensemble with a slow attack.

TDP Mellotronier

Inspired by the sound of the Mellotron, this effect is not a normal audio effect which is usually placed at the output of the instrument; Mellotronier affects each note independently, and thus it is a true polyphonic effect. This also means that the Mellotronier effect can be very CPU intensive if used with any high polyphony setting

A few notes about this free version:

  1. the skin of TDP FREE is made to illustrate the controls active in this free version compared to the retail TDP, if you care you can easily make your custom skin for TDP FREE.
  2. TDP FREE is free forever and it’s mainly made available for you to check the “Mellotronier” effect, here presented in a simple form with no editable parameters but very effective in lively warming many sounds.
  3. 12 Multisampled instruments are included in TDP FREE, you can make your own SoundSets as well. Included multisamples:
    • From EVE 2 Default set: MS20 Triangle, Korg 770 2 OSCs, Oberheim Matrix 12, PE2000 Strings
    • From HQS3 set: Real Strings, CS80 Mod Pad, SG1 Piano
    • From HQS1 set: BASS 01 Punchy, Organ 04 B3
    • From HQS2 set: Moog Violin
    • From HQS5 set: Arpeggio_Electrostr, EGGY 2

Visit DASH Signature for more information and a link to download the Twin Dash Player FREE.