Westgate Sounds has released Dreams and Nightmares, the first of a new series of soundsets that will stand on its own as well as complement the Anomaly series.

Dreams and Nightmares features

  • Each soundset consists of both Light (Dream) and Dark (Nightmare) type sounds.
  • The presets features both types of sound, as well as combinations of them.
  • Wusikstation edition: 30 stereo sounds, 569 Mb. Playable in Wusikstation V4 and above. Also playable in any Wusik Engine based instrument that uses the V4 or above Wusik Engine. Includes 30 single sound presets and 35 multi sound presets by Daniel Kemp.
  • Soundfont (SF2) edition: 30 Mono sounds in one .SF2 file – 145 Mb, 30 Stereo sounds in one .SF2 file – 290 Mb. No presets.
  • Absynth edition: 30 Stereo sounds, 285 Mb. 30 Absynth V3 presets in a .glo file, 30 Absynth V4 presets as .ksd files.

The Dreams and Nightmares soundset is available for $10 USD for each edition.

Visit Westgate Sounds for more information and audio demos.