bleep!BOX - Sequence

White Noise Audio Software has released version 1.1 of bleep!BOX, an analog synth/drum machine for the iPhone.

White Noise Audio Software asked users of its debut iPhone music app, bleep!BOX, what they most wanted to see in the next update. White Noise heard them loud and clear and delivered upgrades plus a free version so that potential users can try before they buy.

The updated version includes a new sequencing mode that allows users to make songs out of multiple patterns. New transfer and recording modes allow users to save sounds to their computers and share files with friends. Interface additions streamline workflow.

New in bleep!BOX v1.1

  • Song mode – lets you take up to 16 patterns and sequence them however you like. Patterns can also be switched live for some sweet jam sessions.
  • .WAV recording – Now you can directly record your patterns and performances to a.WAV file. Includes slice points for easy trimming. This will make it easy to incorporate your bleep!BOX loops into your desktop applications.
  • Export via built in http server. Download your patches, songs and to your PC or upload new ones to your iPhone, all over Wifi.
  • UI Additions – Added a handy trigger button to the edit page, so you can hear the sound you are editing without having to create a pattern sequence. Also added arrows on all sliders for easy value increment / decrement.
  • Init button – Now it’s even easier to start from a clean slate.

bleep!BOX is available from the iTunes App Store for $9.99 USD. A free bleep!BOX Player version is available to allow users to do everything they can do in bleep!BOX, except for the ability to save.

More information: bleep!BOX