The Loop Loft has released the second volume in its Wide Open Drums series of sample packs featuring big sounding drum loops and samples.

The Loop Loft Wide Open Drums Vol 2

With drums that are bigger, bolder and better than ever, Wide Opens Drums Vol 2 is here. An incredible new loop and sample library where drums are free of duct tape, moon gels, towels, wallets, blankets and everything else that kills the “natural” overtone (and power) of live, acoustic drums.

Wide Open Drums Volume 2 features six massive loop and sample sessions that bring an extra dose of liveliness and dimension to your mix. Taking a completely opposite approach from our Dry Drums series, Wide Open Drums brings the unmistakable realness of live drum loops and samples to any DAW.

Open up your mix (and drum sound) and instantly download Wide Open Drums in your choice of WAV, REX2, AIFF (Apple Loops) and Stylus RMX formats.

Wide Open Drums Vol 2 is available for the intro price of $29 USD until June 24th (regular $39 USD). The new bundle of Vol 1 and 2 is on sale for $44 USD.

More information: The Loop Loft / Wide Open Drums