Ola Wistedt and Alexander Andersson of Witech have announced the release of version 1.0 of BassMatrix, a free bassline synthesizer for Windows.

The update fixes some bugs for saving presets and automation of parameters no longer includes LEDs, note and property buttons.

BassMatrix is a synth that tries to sound like the classic TB-303 bassline synth and provides a simple interface to program the patterns. You can use MIDI PLAY to play any note and you can use Key Sync to get an arpeggio like synthesizer.

Normally you want to use Host Sync to sync with your DAW and change the patterns with MIDI notes. There is also Int. Sync that is useful when you play the synth standalone (there is a loop size knob for this purpose so you can automatically change patterns in live mode).

BassMatrix is available to download as a VST3 plugin and as a standalone application for Windows (64-bit).

More information: Witech