WOK has announced the release of D-Arp, a dual MIDI arpeggiator VST plug-in for Windows.


D-Arp is a double power arpeggiator to trigger your plugins or external synths.

Two arps can run parallel or serial (the first triggers the second). Extras like a force2scale function and the ability to run by manual stepping triggered by incoming MIDI notes on a different channel make this plugin
stand out from other arpeggiators.

Special features: host-sync, shuffle, adjustable note length with overlap at max point (for mono glide sounds), velocity adjustable or input pass thru. Clock divider for speed control includes settings for dotted or triol – also there is a manual control for step thru by sending MIDI notes on channel 16 to the plugin (for example from a drum machine !).

D-Arp is available as a VST plug-in for Windows, priced at 11 EUR.

More information: WOK