Audiofile Engineering Fidelia, desktop music player for Mac


Audiofile Engineering has announced the release of Fidelia, a new desktop audio player which delivers hi-res playback and a clutter-free interface.

Mac users with a passion for music and an appreciation for high-quality audio have an extraordinary new way to savor the sounds they love.

Audiofile Engineering has launched Fidelia, a premium desktop music player created exclusively for Mac OS X and designed to offer rich high-fidelity playback for music lovers of any taste or technical background. With support for numerous high-resolution file formats and an attractive, intuitive interface that honors the classic stereo amplifiers of decades past, Fidelia lets discerning listeners optimize and enjoy their music with maximum control and no proprietary clutter.

Priced at US$19.99, it’s also a remarkably accessible software alternative that integrates seamlessly with users’ existing iTunes libraries.

Audiofile Engineering Fidelia

Fidelia features

  • Elegant design
    • Sleek Intuitive controls that contemporary Mac users demand
    • Classically styled volume dial buffered by single-click Mute and Dim functions
    • Individual track details, stereo levels and audio waveforms displayed in crisp, eye pleasing fashion with no superfluous trimmings
  • Powered by iZotope
    • iZotope’s industry-best sample rate conversion to achieve optimum sonic fidelity.
    • Discerning listeners can select real-time audio dithering via iZotope’s MBIT+ยช technology.
  • Maximum formats
    • Supports AIFF, WAV, CAF, MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, Ogg Vorbis, or FLAC formats
    • Supports sample rates up to 192kHz and bit depths up to 32 bit floating point
  • Effects
    • Audio Units and VST support
    • Customize with up to three effects
  • Library
    • Access your iTunes library
    • Reformat and reorganize files from iTunes library
    • Fidelia library
  • Remote
    • Beautiful Fidelia remote available in the iOS App Store

Fidelia for Mac OS X 10.5 or higher is available to purchase for $19.99 USD.

More information: Audiofile Engineering

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Peter Dines
Peter Dines

It’s great to see some more entries in the domain of audio player for Mac, which has traditionally been a pretty impoverished field.

Interesting that they’re slanting it in an audiophile direction, and love the shout out to the MSO!


To take your comment seriously, Ronnie, I notice Fidelia has plugin support, which I wish iTunes had. But since Stutter Edit is optimally played via MIDI triggering โ€” which I don’t see is also supported โ€” it might be kind of tricky.

I’ve really enjoyed putting Audio Ease Speakerphone at the end of a regular audio listening chain, tho. I got the idea after playing Fallout: New Vegas and how even in the far-flung wasteland future, classic Americana tunes are played!


Make one for Windows 7 maybe?

I would try to use Sp3ctr3 and Guitar Rig on all my music :D