Wrongtools has announced its upcoming sample library that takes an unusual approach to sampling analog modular synths.

Woodwindulator is a Kontakt instrument featuring old analog synthesizers wanting to sound like woodwinds, driven through different tape machines.

Instead of recording all kinds of sounds from one particular synth, the project for Woodwindulator was to record similar woodwind sounding timbres, like clarinet, flutes etc from different vintage synths. Sampled in a handsome array of contours and configurations

All created different early 70ties synth systems that they had access to. To add character, we drove the sounds up to three times through rounds and rounds of tapemachines.

The 2.89GB library includes 71 patches and 1,194 samples. It will be released this Friday and is available to pre-order now for 19 EUR (regular 39 EUR).

More information: Wrongtools