Wusik has announced Wusik SQ200, a sequencer plugin that features VST/AU hosting for instruments and effects.

The engine features up to 32 sections and 32 tracks per section, with up to 8 effects for each track, and up to 8 effects for the master section. Tracks can be a plugin instrument, audio file, MIDI events or a drum sequencer (the current beta version only features plugin instrument and MIDI tracks).

Wusik SQ200

The idea behind this project is to have a sequencer that works just like old hardware sequencers. With little mouse usage, you get to use keyboard shortcuts for everything. You can still use the mouse in place of keyboard usage, but using the keyboard makes things go much faster.

With time I plan to release an open source Arduino based hardware remote that will feature the same interface but in real life. This will connect to a computer and allow you to use Wusik SQ200 just like a real hardware sequencer.

Initially I will support PC Windows and MAC OSX, but with time Linux and other types of platforms may be implemented. Such as Raspberry PI, Android and more. This will all be based on the demand of the product.

Currently in beta, Wusik SQ 200 (VST/VST3/AU/Standalone) is available for purchase for $99.95 USD. Users of Wusik Station V9 / Wusik 8008 can crossgrade for $44.95 USD.

More information: Wusik