Wusik Prime & Evans HQ Drum set

Wusik releases a Prime & Evans High Quality Multi-Sampled Drum Set. This set will work for any WusikEngine (V2.0.1 or higher) product (Wusikstation VSTi, Manystation VSTi, VOX’d VSTi, TSW VSTi, …).

The set contains two High-Quality 24 bits 48 KHz Drum Sets.
There are 3 sets for each Drum, with multiple-velocities recorded:

  • Wood Rim Set
  • Nylon Brush Set
  • Metallic Brush Set

Plus: 2 microphone positions for the Snares recorded.

  • Brush Metal: 47 Multi-Sampled Files
  • Brush Nylon: 43 Multi-Sampled Files
  • Regular: 128 Multi-Sampled Files

A total of 54 Meg in WusikSND format.

Check the Wusik website for details and demo’s. You can also pre-order the next set: Set 2: Pearl & Remo (Pinstripe)