Wusik has announced the release of Wusik MEL, a standalone application and VST/VST3 plugin for creating MIDI melodies and chords.

You can add sections and each section can perform something: play a chord (with strum options), play a chord melody on the white keys, transpose/octave up/down the output keys, change MIDI channel or just go back to regular playing.

Wusik MEL features

  • An unlimited number of custom sections can be added.
  • Resizeable interface.
  • Chord chart with preview and merge options.
  • Strum option for Chords with Time (BPM Sync or regular), 4 Modes: Forward, Backward, PingPong and Random, Number of Octaves (just like an ARP), Speed up/down as it plays the keys, Velocity up/down as it plays the keys, Random velocity, Sync BPM from the host or use internal user set BPM.
  • Full inline help with details on how to set up things.
  • Melody and Live sections have the option to set where regular or melody keys will play.
  • Set Chord keys manually by clicking in the GUI Keyboard, learn from an external MIDI keyboard or use the Chord Chart.

Wusik MEL for Windows is currently on sale for $9.95 USD.

Wusik Display is a live tool for showing text, images, chords, and lyrics during live presentations. Display can be controlled with MIDI input notes.

Display is also $9.95 USD.

A free plugin/standalone application that let you transpose keys and change the MIDI channel in real-time has been released as well.

The upper and bottom keyboards of Wusik MIDI visualize the MIDI input and output, while the middle keyboard is where you set things. Left-click on a note and you can add an option such as transpose, MIDI channel change, hold notes, panic and key switching. You can also set things from the Menu->Settings instead of using keys.

More information: Wusik