Wusik has announced the release of Wusik ZR, a new virtual instrument based on a single-cycle wave playback engine.

Now, what is Wusik ZR? A single-cycle wave playback engine with Hyper Oversampling Code using SSE2/AVX. This was coded LIVE on my Twitch account and you can watch it on Youtube now.

Wusik ZR features

  • Windows 32/64 and MAC OSX 64 bits compatible. VST2/VST3 and on OSX extra AU format.
  • Bank of 128 programs all designed by WilliamK (there’s also an Init bank if you want to start from zero and do your own presets).
  • You can save/load/copy/paste programs, even from one bank to another bank.
  • Wave Engine with predefined sounds: 48 selectable waves from multiple banks. Each bank has 12 waveforms, and you can load 4 banks at one time. Each waveform is a single cycle 1200 samples wave.
  • Mono or Poly (32 voices total) with Unison (mono), Glide and Auto-Glide options.
  • Up to 16 either Static or Wavesequenced Layers.
  • ADSR envelope with clip output, velocity settings and an option to Loop the envelope ADS stages.
  • Filter with ADSR envelope just for it (lowpass, bandpass, highpass, notch).
  • The filter has smooth and limit options.
  • ADSR Pitch envelope.
  • Master Limiter that can be turned off (one per Zone, read below).
  • 4 Zones, each zone is a complete set of options: layers + master options + effects.
  • Layers can be Added or Multiplied with one-another, making a Ring Modulation effect.
  • Sequenced layers can hold up to 128 steps, and each step you have the following options: volume, pan, time, pitch fine/tune, waveform, crossfade and filter frequency.
  • Several Effects and the ability to host VST2/VST3 files (effects only, no bridging).

Wusik ZR is available for purchase for $79.95 USD.

More information: Wusik