Wusikstation 2 VSTi

Wusikstation, the hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler for VST hosts has been updated to version 2.2.0.

New in v2.2.0

  • Loads data 2 times faster. (50% less time on all samples)
  • New code for loading presets (3rd code so far) – fixed the Zipper-Noise for ALL Hosts. No need to keep the GUI open anymore.
  • FileBrowser/Configuration pages can now be moved with either left or right mouse-clicks. (more intuitive)
  • Sample-Start works correctly now. (even with velocity as source)
  • Better listing of MIDI-CCs on the Mod-Matrix.
  • Fixes problem with Loop-Position on Silent Layers.
  • Remember-Last option on FileBrowser now works better.
  • Removed messages of “Directory/File Not Found” on the File-Browser.

Visit the Wusik site for more information and links to download the demo.