XILS-lab has announced the release of a virtual instrument inspired Yamaha’s first digital FM synthesizer, the GS-1.

Reinforced by analog oscillators and filters and sublimated by chaotic algorithms, KaoX features an advanced two-layer architecture that allows for a powerful sound creation tool to fuel DAW-driven synthesizer dreams with a much more easily understood signal path than its iconic FM forefather.

The synth features 8 operators, 2 outputs, 2 banks with independent pitch, easy programing of FM algorithms, 2 continuous waveform oscillators, 2 zero-delay like filters, 2 chaotic oscillators and 2 chaotic modulators, advanced parameters, contextual help and a global view with easy access to main parameters.

KaoX comes with over 500 presets programmed by sound designers Mikael Adle, Soundsdivine, Status, Nori Ubukata, Tom Wolfe, Xenos, Yuli-Yolo, Zensound, and more.

Available in VST, AU and AAX plugin formats for Windows and Mac at XILS-lab and from distributor Plugin Boutique, KoaX is priced 179 EUR.