XILS-lab has released a revolutionary timeline-driven delay effects plug-in for Windows and Mac, in collaboration with Le Lotus Bleu (Laurent Bourgeon).

Available in 64- and 32-bit versions, Le Masque: Delay is a Mac (OS X 10.4 and later; Audio Unit, VST, RTAS — Pro Tools 7.0 and later) and PC (Windows XP, Vista, and 7; VST, RTAS — Pro Tools 7.0 and later) compatible, polymorphic timeline-driven delay effects plug-in; it can behave like a regular digital delay, and inherits XILS-lab’s renowned filtering and audio effects technology, featured in the cutting-edge company’s lengthening line of virtual analogue soft synth plug-ins — PolyKB II (based on the RSF Polykobol II, plus extras), XILS 3 (based on the EMS VCS3, plus extras), and Synthix (Elka Synthex, and extras), and draws upon an accumulated wealth of research and development experience to allow users to speedily and intuitively perform hitherto unheard of delay-based effects.

Le Masque: Delay features

  • True stereo signal path (with independent right and left delay).
  • MIDI Sync and Stereo Link (delay modes).
  • Sync grid zone (with up to eight custom masks, each with independent length and level).
  • One multimode filter (zero-delay, self-oscillating, feedback design with drive).
  • Two independent envelopes (loop-able ADSR and AR with three trigger modes).
  • One synchronisable multi-waveform LFO (with three reset options).
  • Snap-to-grid function (to quantise mask locators on musical values).
  • Swap masked/unmasked function (in realtime).
  • Four clock modes (DAW, FIX,TAP temp, IN).
  • Realtime temp analysis function (for live performance).

Le Masque: Delay is available to purchase for 59 EUR (including VAT for EU countries). Note: this is a serial number authorised product — no hardware dongle or challenge/response system required.

More information: XILS-lab / Le Masque: Delay