XLN Audio has introduced a new version of the virtual instrument that sorts your one-shot drum samples by similarity in the XO space and makes sample browsing a fun part of your workflow.

XO Lite offers the core XO features: You can import your own samples into the plugin and quickly find them in the XO space. The sequencing and editing possibilities are the same. You can edit, create, browse, and organize your beats fast and easy.

“Finding the right samples and making awesome beats is the core promise of XO, and with XO Lite, we offer that promise at a lower price point.

The amount of love we’ve received for XO is truly mind-blowing, we’re so happy and proud to play a little part in these music-making journeys.” (Lars Erlandsson, Co-founder of XLN Audio)

The differences between XO and XO Lite:

  • Factory content: XO Lite comes with an essential selection of factory samples and presets.
  • Export: XO Lite will only export unprocessed one-shots as WAV and beat as MIDI.
  • Output: XO Lite has only 1 stereo master output bus.
  • File formats: XO Lite only supports the most commonly used file formats, WAV, and AIFF.

XO Lite is now available from XLN Audio and distributor Plugin Boutique for $119 USD. The upgrade to XO is $69 USD.