XT Software energyXT

XT Software has released version 2.5.3 beta of energyXT, a digital audio workstation for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Changes in EnergyXT v2.5.3 beta

  • Added option to render/bounce selected parts only.
  • Playlist (file mapper) for loading projects by program change (see File menu).
  • Master Time signature track.
  • Soundfont support.
  • Improved scrollbar in part editor.
  • Track name not imported on some MIDI files, now fixed.
  • Sampler can now show more than 32 programs.
  • Fixed external MIDI out event bug (extra data on some drivers) on win.
  • Open sample in external audio editor (see process menu).
  • Moved sequencer program dropdown to bottom of view next to scrollbar.
  • Added monitor volume control in main toolbar (has no effect on render/bounce).
  • You can now record playing the drum pads with the mouse.

energyXT is available to purchase for 49 EUR. A demo version can be downloaded from the XT Software website.

More information: XT Software