Xylote.com has announced its new website with thousands of exclusive sounds, loops and stock music available for instant download.

So what’s so “special” about this new sound library?

Xylote.com CEO, Daniel Macovei adds, “Well, let’s say that the sound effects, loops and stock music included on this website are not included anywhere else, so if you want to find unique soundware you only need a couple of clicks.”

This can be a very good reason for creative producers in search of inspiration.

The press release continues:

Now with a few clicks, world wide professionals can access “What They Want, When They Want” from any part of the world.

From Sample Packs, Single Sounds, Loops, Music Tracks, Web Loops and Button Sounds to Sound for Picture, Special Effects, Xylote.com offers a large variety of exclusive soundware in the 20 subcategories available.

With the first eight brand new sample packs, Xylote.com encourage producers to purchase bundle products by offering FREE CREDITS with each purchased sample pack.

The Xylote.com web site has two royalty-free licenses, “Producer License” that allows producers to mix, modify, distort sounds and create their own music and the other license “Multimedia License” is for producers that can only edit the sounds to fit their projects. On both licenses you pay once for using the sounds forever. The exception from this two licenses above is the category “Film / Cinema” where is needed the purchase of the track each time is used it in a new project that can be only a broadcasting series movie or cinema releases.

More information: Xylote.com