Indossa has announced a new sample pack for Ableton Live, featuring the sounds of the Tx81z FM synthesizer, a rack version of the Yamaha DX11.

The Yamaha Tx81z was sampled with a Drawmer Preamp and Rupert Neve Designs Tape Emulator. Every note was sampled, no looping, no normalizing JUST RAW FM!

The instrument racks are pre-programmed and easy to navigate.

The racks include:

  • 13 synth patches (AirDrops, AirMarimba, Gtr & plucks…).
  • 16 key patches.
  • 21 percussive multisampled patches (including 54 unique samples of kick, snare, hat…).
  • 16 orch patches.
  • 14 bass patches (a clean Lately patch and a slightly taped one too).

The pack also includes 190 unique drum samples in Wav format from the Model:Cycles by Elektron.

Priced $5 CAD, Indossa Tx81z is compatible with all versions of Ableton Live 9 and up.