Yoshinosuke Horiuchi has announced the release of SC-808 Advanced, an experimental drum machine based on the TR-808 Rhythm Composer by Roland.

SC 808 Advanced

Following the free SC-808 released back in August, the advanced emulation also runs on SuperCollider.

SC-808 Advanced is an experimental and extended 808 and which has elements, context, and genes of synth such as a filter, LFO, and Envelope.

SC-808 Advanced features

  • Additional Knobs for more precise sound design.
  • Filters – TB-303, Moog Ladder, and HPF .
  • Add and changeable over 100 filters of SuperCollider.
  • 16 LFOs.
  • Separate out.
  • Support the Modification.

SC-808 Advanced’s filters and modulation sources are implemented for each instrument so you can can switch to a different type for each instrument.

The virtual drum instrument is available from $29 USD. A sample pack with sounds created by SC-808 Advanced is included for free.

More information: Yoshinosuke Horiuchi