Yurt Rock has introduced a new drum kits bundle for users of the Battery virtual instrument by Native Instruments. The royalty free BATTERY Cinematic featuring 15 custom drum kits alongside a selection of MIDI loops.

This brand-new bundle of custom BATTERY drum kits is designed to inspire and push sound design (and your music) into completely new directions. From thunderous toms to pulsating percussion, each of the 15 BATTERY Kits has its own distinct character, ensuring a massive range of sonic choices, all directly at your fingertips.

The samples are also provided in individual folders, allowing you to drag and drop them into any DAW or sampler. In addition to the 15 custom drum kits, we also provide the MIDI loops designed to create the demos. These MIDI grooves are tailor-made to be used with each specific kit, providing the perfect starting point for working with the BATTERY bundle.

The bundle is on sale for the intro price of $20 USD for a limited time (regular $60 USD).

More information: Yurt Rock