Yurt Rock has launched a new drum sample pack featuring a collection of 572 loops and shots by Stephen Bidwell.

The pack was recorded with Bidwell’s unique collection of snare and kick drums, classic and left-field microphones, and a 1-inch MCI JH-110 tape machine.

The result is a wealth of one-shots rich with analog vibe and earthy character, ready for your sampler or DAW. Bidwell gets a lot of compliments on his palette of snare sounds, and this pack has over 200 of them. Redbeard also experimented with tape speeds to create some super slow, huge sounds and compiled a few dozen choice loops from the sessions with unique mixes applied to each one.

The sounds lend themselves to reproducing classic soul breakbeats, adding a bit of seasoning to any average snare drum sound, and contain enough raw booms and baps to build a hip-hop break from any past or future era.

Regularly $49 USD, the sample pack is on sale for the intro price of $39 USD for a limited time only.

More information: Yurt Rock