Zenhiser has launched Spire Trance Presets, a collection of 100 truly beautiful trance presets for Reveal Sound’s Spire synthesizer instrument.

Zenhiser Spire Trance Presets

One of the synths grabbing huge acclaim in the Trance production scene is Reveal Sound’s Spire Synth, it’s a monster at creating powerful synth sounds with incredible clarity. As with most synths the learning curve is a little steep and it takes a lot of man hour’s to create authentic, melodic sounds. So with this in mind we’ve crafted the most compelling collection of trance presets defined exclusively for the Spire synth. These presets will lift your virtual synth to a new level and supply an array of presets in traditional Zenhiser style.

We’ve pushed the envelope with the programming here and delivered 100 Spire presets covering all the essential elements, bass, lead, pluck, pad, arp and fx. What really makes them different is the original sound construction, simply load either the individual presets or the bank file included and this synth pack with transform your Spire synth into a sound library no other Spire producer has.

The soundset is available for purchase for $30 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Spire Trance Presets