ZenSound has announced the release of Electrons II, the second volume in the best-selling Electrons series of soundsets for the Bazille hybrid modular synthesizer by u-he.

ZenSound Electrons II for Bazille

Electrons II is about cinematic, enigmatic and moogish analog electronica from the 80s.

Formed by hi-tech scientific sequences and arps, powerful basses and bassloops, suspenseful percussion loops, captivating keys and leads, otherworldly synths, dark dystopian soundscapes, sequenced atmospheres and science fiction effects.

This soundset is a creativity box designed for all flavours of electronica compositions — with a dramatic or a chilled edge.
This makes of Electrons II ideal to fill inspiration gaps or simply to discover new musical ideas for your compositions.

Of course like the predecessor, Electrons II is formed by 256 patches — all of them responsive to velocity and modwheel.

Electrons II features

  • 256 patches for Bazille.
  • Normalized volumes.
  • Velocity sensitivity.
  • Control by Modwheel.
  • Royalty free, for commercial or free use.

Electrons II is available at the introductory price of 30 EUR until Friday August 25th, 2017 (20% off regular). Requires Bazille version 1.0.1 or higher.

More information: ZenSound / Electrons II