Zephod [BLOK]

Stijn Kuipers / Zephod has released [BLOK], an easy to use modular synthesis environment for Windows.

The available processing blocks are simple and concise and there are no restrictions on how you hook things up.

[BLOK] was designed as a platform for teaching audio synthesis to students, so even beginners can get started building their own synthesizers and effects right away!

[BLOK] features

  • Classic synthesizer modules such as Oscillators, Filters, Envelopes and Effects.
  • Easy to use interface. Blok was originally created as an educational program to teach audiodesign principles. This means that each module is simple to understand.
  • Connect everything. There are no limits on connecting blocks together.. if a block generates a signal, connect it up!
  • Versatile DSP engine. Additive, Subtractive and FM synthesis are all possible. Let Blok be your synthesis swiss army-knife.
  • Full undo/redo. Dont like what you have done? Go back to a time when you did!
  • Low in cpu. Blok was made to run well even on low-end computers. On today’s machines, it tears up the track! This will let you make more complicated setups and get more bang for your synthesis buck.
[BLOK] is currently available to download as in Buzz and VST plug-in formats for Windows PC (requires Visual 2008 Runtime).

More information: [BLOK]